Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tony David Deadly Boomerang signed competition shirt auction fundraising for Cueldee

Tony David Deadly Boomerang signed competition shirt auction fundraising for Cueldee

Only one of 2 competition polo shirts signed in 2015 by Tony David - 2002 world Darts Champion from Townsville.

Known as "the Deadly Boomerang", Tony David in 2002, became the first Australian player to win a World Professional Darts Championship. That year, he won the World Darts Trophy in the Netherlands, one of the British Darts Organisation's other Grand Slam titles. Also in 2002, David won the Australian Grand Masters and the Doeland Grand Masters to cap off a superb year.

David has haemophilia, which requires regular medication. In 2009, as a result of complications with his interferon/ribuviron treatment, Tony underwent an emergency liver transplant. Later in that year, he also underwent emergency surgery to his spleen. He was not able to return fully to competitive darts until 2015. Fittingly, his logo includes a phoenix, which can rise from the ashes as he intends to with his darts career.

The shirt for auction itself has a history. On the back it includes the logo of the Deadly Boomerang including the phoenix. Signed by Tony in 2015 for Cueldee as a long time supporter, the shirt was in a filing cabinet drawer at Cueldee on the 24th of June 2017. On this day a large fire broke out at Cueldee in the building the filing cabinet was in. Only metres from where an air conditioner exploded in flames, the shirt was recovered unscathed.

The primary goal of this auction is to raise money for Cueldee's rebuilding while at the same time increasing the goodwill in Townsville's business and darts community.

Tony David is competing in the Australian Darts Championships being held in his former home town of Townsville starting on the 28th of July 2017.

Channel Seven news reel regarding Cueldee fire and plans to rebuild like a Phoenix

Australian Darts Championships featuring Tony David

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