Monday, August 22, 2016

Profile of a Processed Comet

Recent papers based on evidence discovered on 67P by Rosetta, are trying to shoehorn evidence into alternative primordial or otherwise formation narratives. However, if the comet is actually a highly processed object, none of the visible evidence can have anything to do with primordial processes.

I have used their many lines of evidence summarised in a diagram, as evidence that the comet is processed, and that therefore the whole narratives are speculative and evidence free from the perspective of what Rosetta is studying.

Click for high resolution image:

Comets are the most processed objects in the solar system...


Chris Fellows said...

Can I has hi-rez link to tweet? :)

Marco Parigi said...

At Chris,

Original article/blog here

Image is from paper, I believe.

I have photoshopped it as I think the evidence is completely misinterpreted.

I have emailed you the original pictures. If you click the image in my blog, it should also show the high res legible image...