Friday, June 03, 2016

Anuket near crack Changes

On Analyzing pre and post perihelion images of this area, the boulders are recognisable as unchanging fiduciary features that can be recognised from many angles. Ridges and valleys are more difficult to identify points from different angles.

Near the Anuket crack there are three boulders in a roughly equilateral triangle that are recognisable before and after, and I have marked them red, green and blue. There is a wedge shaped larger Boulder on the other side of the crack, marked with a black point, and surrounding the wedge in a rough circle, are small boulders, marked in white. The crack is also roughly marked in white.



Note how the red boulder appears closer to the crack and the triangle seems more spaced out.


Before photo is from OSIRIS close mapping orbits October 2014, while the after is NAVCAM April 2016.
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Markings by M Parigi

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