Thursday, June 16, 2016

Introducing "Tekhenu"

Close up of Anuket area near main Crack

This post is in frustration at the complete lack of naming of features and boulders on Comet 67P Churyumov-Geramisenko. I have made a start with naming one wedge shaped (or station wagon shaped, or fallen Obelisk shaped) monolith, "Tekhenu".

Tekhenu is the ancient Egyptian name for an Obelisk. This being that the shape of the feature is like a fallen obelisk, of which many exist in Egypt.

Tekhenu is of great interest in analysing Anuket for surface changes in the comet nucleus. The reason being is that it is such an easy to identify fiduciary point when looking at the area from any direction.

It is also a useful "measuring stick" to see if the measurements between points near the crack have evolved over time, especially straddling perihelion. This has been useful to measure the distance to a triad of nearby rocks (as yet unnamed) and the distance between those same rocks. The results is as my previous posts have shown - clear evidence for a change.

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