Wednesday, January 21, 2004

January Stress

As usual January has been a time of intense stress, mainly due to the heat and the yearly Back to school rush for school uniforms. Thankfully, however, I have all 4 kids at home to relieve that stress somewhat. We got some eight jigsaw puzzles (4*500pc, 2*750pc, and 2*1000pc) for Christmas, so me and Belinda decided to tackle them head on for stress relief. We are on to our sixth puzzle, which is a 1000 piece puzzle of the top of the cathedral (Duomo) in Milan, Italy. Somehow the puzzle makers have mirror imaged the puzzle compared to the accompanying picture, making it very confusing to use it effectively. The actual puzzle seems to be in the wrong going by the people and what I remember of the statues etc. The people seem to have their watches on their right hand etc.
I have upgraded my mobile handset to a Nokia 3200 which has an inbuilt camera, so I can send and receive pictures I take anywhere I've got my phone (which is everywhere I go, basically). I am just waiting for everybody else to get one so I can send them pictures. It's got nifty games, email, news, calendar/organiser, radio, calculator, alarm, voice recording/playing, voice recognition, dictionary... and at $35 per month, I realise that I spend more on playing volleyball than that. I also ported my phone number from Optus to Telstra for better coverage, keeping the same number. I really can't believe how small it is. The battery was so tiny, I nearly threw it out thinking it was part of the packaging! The battery still only needs charging once a week. I am really impressed by the technology of the new phones - I completely reccommend them. Only personal preference would dictate the actual model one would want. Oh did I say it had a flashlight.