Monday, November 28, 2011

Europe's Problems Summed Up:

• Pythagorean theorem: .......... 24 words • Lord's prayer: .......... 66 words • Archimedes' Principle: .......... 67 words • Ten Commandments: .......... 179 words • Gettysburg address: .......... 286 words • US Declaration of Independence: .......... 1,300 words • US Constitution with 27 Amendments: .......... 7,818 words • EU regulations on the sale of cabbage: .......... 26,911 words

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Day of the opposites

When it comes to voting for the Speaker of the house, a kind of opposites Universe comes into being. Labor members nominate an LNP member, who has to then defect. Then an LNP member waxes lyrical about a string of Labor members who are then nominated by him to the position - all of whom refuse the nomination. All this, partly because of Andrew Wilkies insistence on pokie reform. Each person in the parliament has power, but that power cannot be taken for granted and does not guarantee a veto on even a single policy item.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is it with pears?

Almost all fruit that I store in the fridge stays the same ripe as when I put it in until eventually it rots. Mangoes, avocadoes, bananas etc. can't be put in the fridge until they are ripe because they won't ripen there. With a bag of pears however, that were as hard as gibbers when I put them in several weeks ago and forgot about, had become beautifully soft and sweet - more edible and ripe than before. Perhaps 2 deg celcius is perfect ripening temperature for the fruit?