Friday, February 28, 2003


28 February 2003

As I was saying about my new battery powered mower... It is called the enviromower and is marketed as an environmentally friendly mower because it doesn't give off noxious smoke, doesn't suck up the grass (and all insects etc. with it) like a petrol mower but instead cuts it directly with the blade. It also has a mulcher blade that can recycle the chopped up clippings back down into the grass. Quite frankly, I don't give a stuff about all of that. I would have still bought the mower had I known that it injects lead directly into the soil (it doesn't), because the maintenance is so much more understandable for me. I don't have to make special trips to refill a jerrycan with petrol. Even if something does go wrong somewhere in the future, I will much more likely understand how to fix it. Being electrical, I have a better feel for what makes it tick. Highly reccommended - especially for those of you that live in cooler climes and your grass doesn't grow an inch a week like it is here.
28 February 2003


Still listening to the songs in my car. Still wondering when I'm going to hear them on the radio. Still wondering if I have a chance of becoming the "band's chess player"...


As usual, the end of the month ends in a flurry of activity as we try to send out everything before those end of month deadlines (and to improve our monthly totals etc. ). Maybe we'll become profitable in March?


Maybe I'll get to use my new beaut electric mower this weekend if it stops raining. It is such a wonderful experience using it! It makes less noise than my vaccuum cleaner (and sounds a little the same) so I can use it when I get up at 6:00 am in the morning. It starts with a push button, doesn't blow grass clippings into my face, and is overall better.

27 February 2003

So now I am back in the present.

I play volleyball on tuesday nights. Having won division 2, we're back to division one and perhaps with a consistent team this time we can even make the finals perhaps.

Kids are in swimming lessons on thursdays, but I don't know if any of them have any real motivation for winning in sports. I think that there is so much competition out there between other kids (and the parents pushing the kids) and I don't know if its worth encouraging them any more unless they show some real talent or obsession themselves. Belinda throws herself into her study and carinet practice very readily, and somehow I keep thinking I've lost complete control over her. She does what she thinks is important and stubbornly refuses to hear any other ideas, suggestions, instructions, orders, threats, and I've realised that torture is no longer effective either. I've had some success using reverse psychology, but then she does that back to me, and she's very good at that.

Still plugging away at Cueldee. Things go fairly smoothly when computers don't crash. Or for that matter sewing machines. I'm still not sure where all the conspiracies between employees are heading. It seems some people are just happy to forget that there are any conspiracies and just blame everything on me. Web site still seems to be bringing in plenty of queries!


Thursday, February 27, 2003

OK. Now that I see that works, I think I will catch up the last ten or so years that I haven't kept a diary of any sort, nor kept up with my old school & uni friends.

Finished High School 1987 - Pimlico High School
Overseas trip with Chris Fellows & Sandor Kovats Dec 1987 - Feb 1988.
Started Computer Systems Engineering Degree Feb 1988 JCU NQ.
Completed CSE degree with 2A honours 1991.
Worked at Mt Isa Dec 1991 - March 1992.
Married Kylie Ann Jensen 21 March 1992.
Trip to Italy etc. April 1992 to August 1992.
September 1992 - start work in my parents Clothing business Cueldee, with a view to applying for engineering jobs, but to keep in touch with the business.
19 April 1993 First child born Belinda.
19 April 1993 - moved into 1/24 Lancaster Street Garbutt.
sometime in 1995 - moved int 21 Marabou Drive Annandale.
18 June 1996 - Second child Nikolas born.
18 December 1998 - Moved to 1 Boomarra court Annandale.
29 June 1999 - Third child Felicia born.
23 October 2002 - Fourth child Zachary born.

Other things did happen amongst those dates, but nothing important enough to note.

bye for now