Thursday, February 27, 2003

OK. Now that I see that works, I think I will catch up the last ten or so years that I haven't kept a diary of any sort, nor kept up with my old school & uni friends.

Finished High School 1987 - Pimlico High School
Overseas trip with Chris Fellows & Sandor Kovats Dec 1987 - Feb 1988.
Started Computer Systems Engineering Degree Feb 1988 JCU NQ.
Completed CSE degree with 2A honours 1991.
Worked at Mt Isa Dec 1991 - March 1992.
Married Kylie Ann Jensen 21 March 1992.
Trip to Italy etc. April 1992 to August 1992.
September 1992 - start work in my parents Clothing business Cueldee, with a view to applying for engineering jobs, but to keep in touch with the business.
19 April 1993 First child born Belinda.
19 April 1993 - moved into 1/24 Lancaster Street Garbutt.
sometime in 1995 - moved int 21 Marabou Drive Annandale.
18 June 1996 - Second child Nikolas born.
18 December 1998 - Moved to 1 Boomarra court Annandale.
29 June 1999 - Third child Felicia born.
23 October 2002 - Fourth child Zachary born.

Other things did happen amongst those dates, but nothing important enough to note.

bye for now

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