Friday, February 28, 2003


28 February 2003

As I was saying about my new battery powered mower... It is called the enviromower and is marketed as an environmentally friendly mower because it doesn't give off noxious smoke, doesn't suck up the grass (and all insects etc. with it) like a petrol mower but instead cuts it directly with the blade. It also has a mulcher blade that can recycle the chopped up clippings back down into the grass. Quite frankly, I don't give a stuff about all of that. I would have still bought the mower had I known that it injects lead directly into the soil (it doesn't), because the maintenance is so much more understandable for me. I don't have to make special trips to refill a jerrycan with petrol. Even if something does go wrong somewhere in the future, I will much more likely understand how to fix it. Being electrical, I have a better feel for what makes it tick. Highly reccommended - especially for those of you that live in cooler climes and your grass doesn't grow an inch a week like it is here.

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