Monday, March 03, 2003

3rd March 2003

Today Zachary is Exactly half as old as his cousin Jager Parigi, my brother's first child. Given that I wrote Zac's birthday on an earlier blog, what is Jager's birth date? Any guesses?

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Blast from the past

You are on an overseas trip with a couple of mates from school, and are staying in the sixth storey of a hotel in Honolulu. Your two good buddies decide to play a practical joke on you and lock you outside on the balcony. do you::

a) Bang on the door, yell loudly waking up everybody in the block, until your friends decide that before you can cause any damage that they'd better let you in.

b) Get yourself as comfortable as possible to settle down for the night, because you know these guys, they won't let you in until the morning; when you may get a chance to play a joke back onto them.

c) Climb down onto the balcony on the floor below you - that'll show'em who's boss.

Any guesses.

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