Thursday, March 06, 2003

Thursday 6th March 2003

Blast from the past

OK. You're hitch-hiking with your 2 best buddies around "the Big Island" of Hawaii. After a hearty breakfast paid for by your last hitch-hikee (driver) you set off down the road and start to hike putting out your thumbs out. Ten seconds later a flat trayback utility stops for you, the people in the seats gesturing for us to hop on. On a closer inspection you see that there are four people in the front seats designed to hold three people. On the flat tray you notice that there is a rusting currugated iron tank section (1.5m diameter say) formerly a water tank by the looks butting the back of the cab. Inside the tank, amongst other things is a tall cannister, presumably holding petrol or gas. Tied to back of the cab are no less than seven (small) dogs tied up in a daisy chain. You half expect them to wait until you're near and then zoom off, like some practical jokers like to do to unsuspecting hitch-hikers, but, no they genuinely want to give you a ride. Do you

A) Politely tell them that there is not enough room, and that we would worry about the dogs too much and that we would get another lift anyhow

B) Pretend that we weren't hitch-hiking at all we were just waving and pointing to our good friend across the road whom we just had breakfast with, and get them to move on.

C) Look across to your two friends, one with a gleam in his eye the other delighted that we got a lift so quick this time, and hop in the back together with your three biggish backpacks and brace yourself anyway you can, even if there is not enough room for all of you to hold on to something sturdy.

Spit Discography

Try something stupid, spit some apple sauce on the judge, put in a link to Spit online - music downloads, include some keywords and try putting it on your blog, sooner or later some web-crawler is going to find it and index it. It's worth a try.


Maybe there is some job satisfaction in being in a family business. One tends to be more a master of one's (and the businesses) destiny. The downside is the tricky nature of mixing family with business, and for that matter weighing up work and leisure time. . In conclusion, if business is going very well, it's great for everyone - if not, everyone must suffer to some degree...

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