Thursday, March 06, 2003

Thursday 6th March 2003

Felicia's incident

Yesterday afternoon I get an urgent phone call on my mobile - Felicia's hit her head and is bleeding everywhere - Rush home. Big red bump on the back of her head, blood all over her nice pink clothes. Ten minutes later, I've finally calmed her down enough that she's happily reading a book, eating a biscuit, so I go and see if there is any more blood to clean up. Pick up her favourite doll, who is wearing pink clothes that used to be Felicias. Blood is spattered over dolls pink clothes and a big red splat of blood on the back of its head. Spooky voodoo-type moment. What exactly was Nikolas doing in the bedroom with her when all of this happened? Why wasn't there any blood on the curtain right next to the doll? How can a girl cause herself so much damage when she is so tiny and light?.............................................

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