Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Tuesday 4th March 2003

Those of you who calculated Jager's birthday to be 14 June 2002, correct. Those of you who answered c to the other question, right.
As a corollary, would one further risk ones life by climbing down the rest of the way rather than create extra embarrassment by going through someone elses hotel room? yep.

Head Lice

This must me one of the most intractable health problem imaginable for school & pre-school age children imaginable. Due to the virtual indestructibility of the eggs, the ease of re-infestation, the complex variety of strategies of containment - all of which have flaws and particular timing and coordination issues with others who are in direct or indirect contact with infected children, one must accept that infestations will be unavoidable and possibly regular as well, no matter how much one frets about it.

In my mind there really is only one slight possible chance of full eradication - Popularise the once a year day which people think about the poor children with Leukemia - and make it compulsory for everyone to "Shave for a Cure" especially all the children. This is clearly simplistic - but it is bound to work wonders. A much better possibility than going through the constant rigmarole of putting smelly chemicals through ones hair regularly, knowing full well that reinfestation is inevitable.

Is there anybody out there? I am looking for others with diary blogs, in particular old friends like Chris Fellows, Evan Dean, David Astley, Noel Small, and any others that may be of interest anywhere. If you are reading this can you please send me a (blank?) email - Marco. For some reason I just hate thinking that I'm talking to myself..., and besides, I seem to have lost the email addresses I used to have that I never bothered to follow up before, but am now in the mood...

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