Monday, March 10, 2003

Monday 10th March 2003

It's true. Against my better judgement - I hopped aboard the truck with my two buddies. Later we stopped because one of the dogs sitting behind me had fallen off and was hanging perilously by a string. The driver took the opportunity to fill up with petrol from the cannister, only just remembering to put out his joint that he was smoking at the time, before opening the fuel tank. Chris remarked later that the clifftop views, that we passed would have been thoroughly enjoyable, had it not been that we were hanging on for dear life, as we overtook some other cars. Without exception in our experience with hitch-hiking there, the longer it took for us to garner a lift, the better the quality of the ride.

No Moovies, Limited computer Games

I just can't get over this difference between me and probably all previous school/uni friends. For a long time now, the very thought of going to the Moovies just fills me with dread. I think the only reason I ever bothered initially was for general courtship for an excuse to go out with a girlfriend; or at a pinch, to go out with a group of friends including some of the female persuasion without a partner. When I got married, I breathed a subconscious sigh of relief thinking "Phew, won't have to do that again". Watching movies on the TV is usually ok with my psych, as long as I'm not obliged to watch the ending for some reason (endings are often the most stereotyped bits, and usually happen when I'm the most tired, plus I'm thinking to myself - "see, if I was at the moovies, I couldn't do this").

Now, as far as computer games go, the danger in my mind is getting so addicted that my family/work life suffers. I am convinced that at my age, all addictive and/or fun computer games are of no intellectual, social, or educational value to me. Therefore, my wife is right to tell me off for limiting my time on them. I was recently "hooked" on Age of Empires (got it from the back of a Nutri-Grain packet) and my exit strategy involved praising Kylie everytime she yelled and screamed until I got off it; and strangely, being given all the cheats to the game made me lose interest in it almost overnight, wished I'd learnt them earlier.

Almost nothing of interest happens to me on weekends. Mainly catching up with domestic matters. If I'm lucky I get to do some gardening....

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