Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It has been a long long time since my last entry, so I'm doing this one in a hurry. I've got Broadband here at work and a Linux mail server - and it has made network administration so much easier, I've decided to connect our network with our neighbour's network and solve their problems as well, just to give me something to do with my spare time. I'm heading down to Brisbane and Sydney during the September school holidays with the whole family - only 4 and a half weeks away now - wow. I have got a luggage pod set up on the Kia Carnival, and three gameboys for the kids to have something for entertainment in the back. I am trying to organise an in car dvd player as well as remote central locking. I have tried to get 'Apple Sauce' played on the air on 4TO FM by getting Felicia (5) to phone Pricey up and requesting it - to no avail so far but I am still hopeful of a result (he's a sucker for little girls voices). On the Iraq front with all the bad publicity I have noted from the Economist that foreign investment in Iraq and surrounding countries has surged dramatically as the general security situation and confidence improves. It is higher than even before the Iran Iraq war and is mainly from Arab interests and ex-pats.

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