Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Origins of life on Earth

I find this Economist article on the Origins of life a fair bit presumptuous. One critical assumption is that no frozen or otherwise DNA infected organisms existed amongst the rocks, dust and gases of the solar system to begin with. This leaves the problem of how DNA originated to some other environment much more conducive perhaps. The only other questions remains on how DNA spread to our solar system and otherwise around our galaxy. This I find more easily explainable than the hodgepodge of theories of how "breakout" happened. And again I see this background of subliminal thinking of having to move "up" from ooze to amino acids to proteins to RNA to DNA etc. as another ladder rather than a "bush". Other non-life chemicals formed will surely have an influence on the life there.


Anonymous said...

blogger won't let me put a comment on your latest post. This link here is about pre- and post- Darwinian life and nothing to do with Islam, Democracy, or Kerry 'Do you remember an inn, Miranda?' Nettle.

Marco said...

Tell me, does anyone still believe we weren't seeded by a multitude of bacteria, multicellular organisms + various fragments of DNA and RNA blasted from a place elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Only the whole scientific establishment... ;)