Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Devine's Intervention

This Sydney article - Enough whingeing by Miranda Devine has created quite a stir in NQ. It is basically an opinion piece based on a selective scan of articles which were themselves selective in looking for the few negative feelings out there. There is no whingeing going on at all. The quotes come from people at their lowest point having barely spared with their lives, but newly destitute. I hope Miranda catches a rare disease that could have been easily prevented with nutrients available only in avocadoes and bananas! That would be Devine Justice.


Dr. Clam said...

She did say, "No doubt there are plenty of admirable people quietly getting on with rebuilding their communities, but we didn't hear from them." So she is really just putting the boot into the media, as usual.

Peter Cosgrove had a good point about moving west. You people should get off the coast, it's too dangerous down there.

Jenny said...

I heard lots of stuff in the media about people just getting on with cleaning up, including national broadcasts....why didn't she?

The media/letters to the editor response up here is entertaining. They are in essence doing the same exagerated criticizing she was doing. Almost as if they are saying "if you can't get it right, see how you like it". Want me to send you the juicy ones?