Monday, July 24, 2006


The Iranian government, after supplying, bankrolling and otherwise funding Hezbollah, isn't exactly bravely entering the conflict in its own right. Instead, it offers safe haven for its leaders (and presumably other Iranians who might be in Lebanon), a steady flow of money and arms when they are required, and trained and ready suicide bombers or access to terrorist training.
Like-wise Israel, knowing full well that the real problem lies over the border in Syria and Iran, is mercilessly targeting Lebanon, even letting its own citizens think that it is hitting at the root cause of their problem. Attacks that might engage enemy states don't even seem to be on the table. Even an accidental foray or an empty threat to those countries would more effectively engage them. Fear (or cowardice) seems to make this a path they won't take.


Dr. Clam said...

It is just that things will go so much better if Syria can be persuaded to attack them, you see... Israel knows quite well that it is too small to have any chance of successfully tackling the 'root causes': the only one who can do that is the great power, overextended only in its own mind, which has suffered many more casualties (over the past three years, anyway) from Syrian and Iranian proxies.

Marco said...

Yes hmmm. What do we do as Australians? I will have to post at length as to why our position is strengthened.