Monday, October 02, 2006

Rail against brand snobbery

There has been several experiences within the sales team at Cueldee where local schools or businesses have pretty much disrespected our local, family oriented business, while heaping praise on big-name competing brand(s) such as Kombat, Canterbury, Peerless etc. Now, this is perfectly understandable coming from someone from a metropolitan area far away, but it kind of bites when it comes from a teacher at a school I've been a student at, or where my children attend. I have also seen this kind of brand snobbery coming from other local business owners.


Dr. Clam said...

That is rotten! Are the people who disrespect Cueldee really North Queensland people, or do they tned to be transplanted people from metropolitan areas far away? I have found in my experiences at provincial universities that a large proportion of metropolitanians working in the provinces still think (usually in quite an amiable way) that we provincials and our institutions are inferior.

Marco said...

I would bet that none have been brought up here, but a lot of it comes from long time residents.

Jenny said...

I know nothing about these other brands and could not care less about them, but when I see Cueldee, I go "Ooh, Cueldee! Now thats a quality shirt!". I bite my thumb at these supposed snobs.

BTW. Did you know there is an Elliman brand of clothing? I have one of their shirts. It has little metal buttons with elliman engraved around the circumference. I think its based in Sydney.