Monday, November 13, 2006

The unemployment rate is too goddam low!

As a business manager, I got used to the times when I would put an ad in the paper and you would interview a few people for a job. You would get one or two that you wondered why they didn't already have a job. Nowadays, just to get *one* applicant, I had to advertise higher than award rates; and the applicants are interviewing me! They have a list of current job offers and dictate their terms if I am interested to have the pleasure of their service. Businesses suffer in this way when the economy is going so well. It is of little comfort that you can more easily downsize when it is so hard to find and keep staff at all.


Jenny said...

As a potential employee, this market sooths my nerves. However, I would like to be offered a position that is actually in my field and isn't a short term contract.....I want tenure!

PS how to people with colourblindness cope with the word verification?

Anonymous said...

That has given me an idea on how to attract good applicants. Promise tenure knowing that if it doesn't work out, they will probably leave anyway.

Marco said...

Word verification works fine with colour blind people. Robots (Spambots?) have a great deal of trouble with them :).