Saturday, December 23, 2006

If bananas were water

Shortages of bananas would lead to harsher and harsher restrictions. Level 1 restrictions would mean we are only allowed to eat bananas on our allocated days based on odds and evens. Voluntary reductions would be encouraged and a "banana wise" campaign launched. By level three restrictions we would only be allowed to consume them at certain times on our allocated days. By this time, fines would be imposed on people eating them outside these times. These restrictions are important because although most bananas are eaten when people can do without, sometimes the nutrients obtained can be a matter of life and death.


Anonymous said...

Of course, certain banana-related industries would be allowed to use as many as they liked at a trivial cost. And governments would have simultaneously placed tough restrictions on growing any more bananas. In fact, until recently in many parts of the country, private citizens would have been discouraged from growing their own bananas!

Jenny said...

I watched a comedian talk about this and he was saying the next step would be banana fashions, with the fall season Calvin Klein banana, celebrities carrying bananas and "Isn't that banana a little brown?" "no, its vintage"...or some such (i may be paraphrasing