Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Letter to the editor of the World Wide Web

Self publishing has certainly changed the way we state our opinions and how we are censored. So many times when I was young and foolish I would want to write a letter to the editor but I had twin worries of whether I would be published and if I did, how it would make me look. I like blogs because there is certainty in publishing and freedom of expression within your own self-censorship. The weigh-up between anonimity and non-anonimity is still there, and I have decided for good or ill to go with complete non-anonimity. I have decided that this influences my self-censorship little, while making me more likely to be taken at face value. I still have never written a letter to the editor of a newspaper, and only once an email to "the Economist" (not published...).


Dr. Clam said...

I was thinking of putting together a science-only blog under my real identity over the holidays, but never got around to it. And- unable to resist showing off anymore, curses!- for the past two years, my score is 4/4 for letters to the editor in major Australian newspapers. :)

Marco said...

Tell me your secrets!