Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin

For months, I have had nothing interesting to say about the US election....Now suddenly I have so much I want to say that I can't keep up with my brain.

Having watched *All 7 Series* of "The West Wing", I am convinced that there is a serious case of Reality imitating art in the US at the moment. This article seeems to concur - eg.

One of The West Wing's team of writers, Eli Attie, admitted that the character of Congressman Santos was based on a young rising star of the Democrats, one Barack Obama.

On Sarah Palin, I don't even know where to start: Her *Fifth Child*, the fact that she's a dead ringer for Arnold Vinick's campaign manager (Sheila Brooks), her pro-life stance... her love of guns and hunting....

Maybe I'll start with her fifth child: Expecting our own fifth child at the more advanced age of 38 - at the forefront of our mind, is the increasing risk of Down's with age. Even more prominently, having Googled "Fifth Child" just to see what would come up, came a novel by Doris Lessing about... a life shattered by the unexpected fifth pregnancy turning out a disabled child. This on top of the fact that the birth of a severely disabled child is a particular nightmarish fear for me. Sarah's acceptance of her fifth child having Downs syndrome is a poignant message to me. I am in awe that she would be going for VP.


Dr. Clam said...

Unfortunately I know nothing about The West Wing, otherwise I would probably say something. Age-related gametopathy is why I have previously said I am too old and have no goals :(

From a pro-life perspective Palin's gender is important, because it nerfs one common way of shutting down the argument that can be applied to any sensitive male: 'It's hardly fair for you to push such a hard line, when you could never ever be in such a position yourself and couldn't possibly know what it is like.'

No one can say that to her.

Anonymous said...

I suggest for you to watch series seven first. It got me hooked...

Having had kids early and later (and now later still), there is much to suggest that marrying young and having kids early is better. I cringe at those who put it off for reasons of convenience, and these days, I am exasperated at those who believe that abortion is fine to be used for convenience also.

It is one thing to weigh off increased risk of genetic defect against whether we consider abortion. For all of us, there are genetic defects which we consider to be worse than death. Some genetic defects like anencephaly, are lethal at birth. For Downs, a parent has to consider the situation with inherent uncertainty. I have decided to not judge harshly those who lose healthy babies due to amniosentis related premature labor, nor those who had tough choices in that regard.

Jenny said...

Its been bugging me since the announcement and now I've just figured out why I've had "she seems OK" thoughts about Sarah Palin, in spite of not paying any attention to her views/policies/character.

I like watching shows with Michael Palin in them. Same last name. Its disturbing how easily I can have my opinions coloured by something so irrelevant to the issue at hand

Dr. Clam said...

So what else do you have to say? Hmmm?