Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Global warming - just polite conversation while we are waiting for real news

From: business spectator article

Perhaps it’s all just different ways of politicians who are under pressure from rising unemployment trying to appear to be doing something about global warming, while not doing anything at all.Europe’s method is to have a cap and trade scheme that doesn’t work. Australia’s method is to propose one that does not happen.

Back in 2007, I said:
When there are no "World" wars to talk about, no "great depressions" happening, the conversation will almost always turn to the weather :).

Maybe this slide into deep recession worldwide is just a symptom that the world has nothing interesting left to discuss other than the weather.


Chris Fellows said...

Nobody seems to be making the key point (except for you, in an earlier post :D) that the world is aggressively targetting carbon emissions in the only way that has been *proven* to be effective- letting the economy tank! I read that half the toy factories in the Pearl River Delta have already closed.

Chris Fellows said...

I wrote Barnaby Joyce the other day to say he ought to cross the floor and vote for the gummint's alcohol tax, reminding him of the impact of binge drinking on his old alma mater- we lose a few students killed or maimed every year. I thought that would have been a nice way to take the wind out of a certain grandstanding senator's sails. No reply...

Roll on the double dissolution election, I say!