Friday, April 23, 2010

After an epic trip... lack of focus

For probably months now, our family-Easter-Tasmania road trip (+band contest) has been my main focus. It culminated in trying to squeeze a few tourist stops on the grand journey back, cold and fatigue becoming greater factors. I would really like to draw all our stops on a map, but I'll just leave that as an excercise to the reader, and perhaps just list the dates and stopover points.

27/3 - Rockhampton
28/3 - Coonabarabran
29/3 - Seymour
30/3 - Spirit of Tasmania II overnight, Bass Strait
31/3 to 9/4 - Hobart
10/4 - Spirit of Tasmania II overnight, Bass Strait
11/4 - Cooma
12/4 - Canberra
13/4 - Canberra
14/4 - Kempsey
15/4 - Rockhampton

A few times during our trip, strangers would tell us how crazy we were, but it was quite amazing to have an adventure and be able to share it with the whole family. I would like to say that we will do it again, but I think it will take another few years to save up for it.


Chris Fellows said...

I'm sorry we missed you! It would really have been great to have you all drop by. Though it would have been cold. :(

Chris Fellows said...

I figure it's about time to start suggesting dates when the Euro will reach:

(a) Parity with the Australian Dollar


(b) Parity with the Australian Cent

I bags Nov 4th 2020 for the latter.

(Word verification is 'framism', obviously an ideological commitment to the use of frames in website design)

Chris Fellows said...

I thought this was good...

Marco said...

Re: the Euro.

How long is a piece of string? However, I'll bite.

Try 6th November 2012 for parity with aussie dollar - and say Dec 4th 2020 for the cent. - Where were we with the oil predictions - We should probably be able to make a declaration of results in October, when my minimum oil price was guessed.

Chris Fellows said...

Yes, we need to dig out the oil predictions and put them on a graph with the real values. I think you have a track record of being slightly ahead of the real world so maybe at the end of 2010 would be a good time to re-cap.

I will go short and bank on exchange rate volatility giving us temporary parity sometime in 2011, let's say 11/11/11 for the mythic resonance with previous European catastrophes.