Thursday, February 17, 2011

4G and new technologies a serious threat to fibre broadband

If you are not already convinced that wireless is the new future and that FTTP broadband is a white elephant you MUST read this.

Not only will 4G kill NBN but as an added bonus will boost personal insect repellant sprays in this country :-O


David said...

My favourite counter-cable argument is the one about "who needs a terabyte connection anyway"?

MF'ers, five years ago I didn't even need a 256-bit connection. If I still had that now I wouldn't even be able to read my effing mail!*

* At least not while the five desktop PCs, three iDevices, two gaming platforms and one HDTV currently in the house are all more or less constantly slurping up all the wireless bandwidth. I guess I could technically still successfully check my mail at five in the morning...

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His Former Clamness said...

So, David, the fact that all your bandwidth is soaked up with devices that *reduce* your productivity supports the importance of the NBN as nation building infrastructure how?
Our family has spent thousands of km in travel (with associated expenses) in the past year for educational, medical, and financial services that could easily have been delivered over the web. Was bandwidth in any way an obstacle to delivery of these services? No. Was pettifogging bureaucracy, overblow security concerns, and (presumably) fear of litigation? Yes.
Let's address the cost-neutral ways to get the digital economy moving before spending all this money.
FWIW, we got a notice from the IT department before Christmas that they were digging up the footpath outside our building to put in the cables for the NBN- but that we wouldn't be connecting to it since our connection was faster.