Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stuff I may not have published about my experience of 11/9/01

- In August of that year I had suffered a nervous breakdown which became completely reset after 911.
- I was in complete denial and I tried to go back to bed to try to convince myself it was all a bad dream.
- I was jealous of those who slept through it and got many hours extra of the world being a nicer place. In hindsight, it was probably a moot point.
- I remember taking my two oldest children to swimming very early the next morning. They were 8 and 5 at the time and I would take them to the local pool where my brother would give them swimming lessons for an hour or so, while I dropped in to work. I asked him if he listened to the radio, which he didn't (who doesn't listen to the radio in the car???), so instead of telling him about 911 I thought my gift to him would be another couple of hours of not knowing. He has not forgiven me for it.
-Sandor was also angry at me for not ringing him when it happened.
-I made various predictions about the future of the world, none of which I wrote down. However, one of those was that the next megaterrorist attack would be timed for the 10th anniversary. I figured it wouldn't be in Washington nor in New York, and perhaps not even in the US at all, but I figured a multitude of sleeper cells and plots globally, where it would be virtually impossible to discover them all before they came to fruition.
- What I felt was the aim of the terrorist organization was to provoke an over-reaction by the US, which would in turn make the US look like the evil terrorists. I felt that the US should avoid this as best as possible, but I think in this sense, the terrorists won.

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Dr Clam said...

I was just remembering in 1985 when Time magazine had a cover story special on the 10th anniversary of the evacuation of the US embassy in Saigon, and how it seemed like incredibly dusty ancient history. It must be great to be a 14 year-old today.

I think I got all my thoughts down on the 5th anniversary.