Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why I am not voting Labor

From Independent Contractors of Australia:

In Australia we’re advancing the fine art of destroying small business entrepreneurship. In yet another attack against entrepreneurship, the Gillard government is moving to outlaw home-based business people in the clothing sector. The new law declares that self-employed clothing business people (mostly women) are employees. In this instance the death of small business is not an unintended consequence, it’s the direct stated outcome of the Gillard government’s policy.

There needs to be an allowance for a progression from home based clothing businesses, all the way to fashion warehouses. At the moment, absolutely everything in between that involves subcontracting is looked at with suspicion. Clothing businesses run from home are essentially illegal if they do work for any other businesses, or get smaller businesses to do work for them. How does any clothing business go from A (being a hobby) to B (a business employing people) legally?

The Queensland government does not directly make these rules, but determine the level of enforcement, which at this point is not doing them any favours.

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Dr Clam said...

Sorry to leave you comment-deprived for the past extended time period. I plead work and lack of brain activity.

It is a terrible thing, spin... *consciously*, I have discounted everything negative I hear about Newman on the ABC, in the Devil Bunny City Morning Herald, and in snarky Twitter comments, but I know that I would have a better opinion of him if El Pais de Murdoch had not scurried behind a paywall.

Anyhow, Alithos Anesti and all that!

PS: What's with this 'prove you're not a robot'? This sort of prejudice will sound very bigoted indeed to our descendants...