Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mad Monday and all that.

Monday the 9th was dubbed mad Monday due to the solar tariff reduction deadline. It was the biggest test of my principled stance against solar tariffs. My only way of personal protest is to avoid taking advantage of them, but the bombardment of ads leading up to Monday was incessant. Half the population lined up to get their applications in before the midnight deadline. I failed to get a valid application in, and last night I had nightmares about having missed out. It's still just a type of investment, and my instincts are always to zag when everybody zigs, so I may get solar when nobody else is, without need for subsidy.

I definitely think that a sudden reduction was not the way to reduce the financial burden of the scheme. The main risk is from the long guaranteed tariff amount. It would have been a much smoother ride if the term of contract were reduced in stages from 15 years down to 5 years, thus reducing the long term risk.

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Chris Fellows said...

Good on you for sticking to your principles! I only lose a few hundred dollars a year through my aversion to filling out intrusive forms. Unfortunately I think my virulent prejudice against the vile haram 'insurance' industry is still saving me money, but this sort of reverse-lottery-ticket situation may change at any time.