Sunday, August 25, 2013

I've Turned

Back in 07, I was all for Kevin. I was not disappointed in the Government that ensued, nor the policies it came up with. In 2010, I supported Labor primarily on the NBN policy. I was happy with most policy of the Gillard Government, and satisfied with all policy bar one particular policy decision regarding live export. 

The policy advantages of Labor that I have leant towards have been virtually neutralised. For one, the NBN is going to happen, and it is hard to believe that the LNP could make a mess of it now. 

Secondly, the economic cycle has shifted enough that conservative instincts are likely to be the most beneficial to the country.


Chris Fellows said...

It is all going on in a faraway corner of idea space that seems unreal and irrelevant to me. Whatever happens, I know my freedoms will be eroded and there will be no movement back towards economic or moral rationality.

Marco said...

I remain concerned that Australia may squander our Australian moment through bad policy. Nothing really stands out from either side as being decisively Euro-worthy in scope.

Chris Fellows said...

Ow, it is painful being so timid and having a twitter account in my real name. Always I self-censor so much :(

Marco said...

Why do you self-censor? I have a pragmatic - What is the worst thing that can happen? Attitude. I censor as much in private emails as I do tweets. That is not very much, but aware that anything could become public in the future, and that things can't be "unsaid"

Chris Fellows said...

Why do you self-censor?

A lame desire to avoid confrontation.