Wednesday, November 06, 2013

comets flying in formation in the main belt

Fragmented main belt comet is a tough one to explain given standard explanations of where comets come from and why they "fragment". Standard theory is that close encounters with the sun or planets cause excessive tidal forces which break comets apart. My theory is that the comets are already fragmented, and tidal forces from close encounters just separate the cometary "fragments" into new comets in their own right.


Dr Clam said...

Just noticed yesteday Rosetta's photos of your namesake. Very much looking forward to its comet rendezvous!

Marco Parigi said...

Had to work out what you meant by my namesake, as there is no photos of asteroid Marco... Almost as exciting is the non-periodical comet that is going past Mars next year. Will be good to see if there is any significant difference or indicator of it being a "first passage"

Dr Clam said...

Lutetia = Parigi ;)