Friday, December 19, 2014

Rosetta Note 3

Things are going well at living comet central:
 1) A whole blog is dedicated to demonstrate forensically that Comet C-P is a single body that has stretched :
This is important to end the rot of speculation about ablation and contact binaries.

2) considerable rotation rate change from differential outgassing over a comet year.
This makes more plausible the centrifugal forces required to stretch the comet over time.

3) the lack of proportionality between surface insolation/temperature and outgassing. This indicates other complex sources of energy other than conduction from the surface.

4) Solid look and feel exterior, but with a very low density interior. Lots of room inside for gas chambers and conduits.

5) an eclectic mix of higher molecular weight gases detected than expected. Again pointing to complex process and energy source.


Marco Parigi said...

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Anonymous said...

A.Cooper/Scute1133 testing too. I got your comment on my blog, thanks. I tried a third comment on your annotated pictures post BTW. Did that go through? It was maybe 12-15 hrs ago. I should've checked before submitting this.

Marco Parigi said...

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Anonymous said...


The comment box allows me to type but not paste. I have a long comment for your Rosetta 2 post which I need to paste in. I'm on an iPhone but I don't think that makes a difference.

Marco Parigi said...

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