Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Wednesday 28 May 2003

Spit's Youngest Fan

Felicia (turning 4 next month) is officially declared Spit's youngest fan. Occasionally I have the chance to take her to kindy, so that we are the only ones in the car. One day I was casually driving along listening to the radio, when Felicia shouts out "I want a Porrint!" Not understanding, I get her to repeat what she is saying. Anyway, she repeats it verbatim, getting angrier each time, until she is in incoherent rage in a full kicking and screaming tantrum finally saying "Put On ABHORRENT". By which of course she meant the short but lyrical and stereo-dynamic Spit song that I have on tape in that car. Why on earth she likes "that" song in particular I'm not really sure - maybe its because I manually fade out for the bit which I prefer her not to repeat too often, substituting the word "Beard" for the word "Dic". Maybe Its just a good song for three-year-olds. "Yes silly daddy, play the song "Abhorrent"". Ok, I will.......

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