Monday, June 02, 2003

Monday 2nd June 2003


Is the name of a cousin (friend?) from Italy requiring a place to stay sunday night 8th of June in Sydney.


Feeling pretty good with myself having fixed a leaky tap, changed the washers in our shower, and replaced the thermostat in our old fridge. But what about putting up the curtains, cleaning the ceiling fans and tidying the pantry, I hear my wifes evil alterego Karla say. Ahhh that can wait.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi

Watched most of this on tv. Noted that the subplot of befriending the local Ewoks to help with the effort against the empire is strikingly similar to what Australians did in World War II against the Japanese empire. Befriending locals in East Timor, PNG and Borneo was critical to the success of many an Australian campaign in World War II, especially when sabotaging an enemy position.

Big Brother

Though some of my friends discount this show as pure trash - It has been a great teacher of group dynamics and associated psychology, that I use in working out how our employees think, predicting their moves, and obtaining the best possible result for all (usually trying for win-win situations where possible)

Friday 30th May

We get a lot of people who tell us that Zachary looks just like Nikolas did at that age; or that Felicia looks like Belinda did at her age. Me & Kylie are in a unique position to test that theory out. We are going to take "replica" photos of Felicia & Zachary in the same clothes, poses and lighting as some of the numerous pictures of Nikolas & Belinda 6 and a quarter years previously. Since our children are fairly evenly spaced apart (Girl,boy,girl,boy) this should confuse a lot of people as to which is which (If it is to be believed that they were so similar)

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