Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Australians Embrace "Nationality" and their own relative good

This Economist Article entitled God Under Howard, to me demonstrates the results of thinking with starting assumptions of "relative" good, as opposed to "absolute" thinking. This comes from decades of concentrating and studying swinging voters, an obvious subset that are relative thinkers.

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Dr. Clam said...

I still don't understand what you mean. Why should swinging voters be less likely to believe there is such a thing as absolute good? If both parties are advocating policies that are primarily twisted and evil, as alike in their blackness as two raindrops are alike in their wetness, surely it makes sense to vote in one's narrow self interest. Equally it makes sense to squander one vote in a quixotic gesture under such circumstances. In my relatively short career as a voter I have cast my primary vote in different elections for the Democrats (Oz), Democrats (US), Liberals, Labor, Greens, Fred Nile's Mob, Republicans (US), Independents, and Informal (e.g., the Easter Bunny, Osama bin Laden). That is pretty swinging if you ask me. Yet I believe in absolute good and am animated by a self-consistent set of core axioms.