Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Axioms are the mother of all logical arguments

Dr. Clam asked
Gosh! Well, if you go back and read what I actually wrote, instead of what you thought I was saying, is there anything that you disagree with? :)

Well actually no - Axiom 2 pretty much stands. My main issue with good and bad is entirely to do with context. It maddens me when someone generalises by saying say "killing is bad" and comes to the conclusion that whatever the context, killing cannot be the most moral thing to do in any given situation. This is where I thought it must mean that good and bad are relative. I do think that societies with disparate moral laws can be reconciled by logical discourse and a developed moral sense - however in practical terms, this must meet certain cost-benefit criteria, which unfortunately has to be converted to dollar terms to be able to logically argue whether it is worth changing a law. Democracy is also an important process to reconcile disparities in moral sense across a population.

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