Sunday, June 04, 2006

I Blog because nobody listens

I just want to say what a great game of beach volleyball I had on thursday. It was the third last game that I will have for a long time. It has been over 6 years that me and Sandor have been faithfully playing week after week. This last game we had some very memorable rallies, including one "Impossible" hit that I made on the third shot after a second that hit the net and fell straight down. Somehow, I punched it with some topspin and it curved over the net beautifully from practically ground level with a dive. We lost the point eventually, but I feel our fighting spirit demoralised them.


Dr. Clam said...

Wow, you guys sound much fitter than me! The only exercise I get is walking from my desk to the printer... will have to start cycling on the highway again when it starts to warm up.

Marco said...

Hmmm.. Me and my kids started to cycle when it cooled down. I am replacing beach volleyball with doing more stuff with the kids - taking them to archery for instance.ihb