Tuesday, June 13, 2006

When I sent my daughter to a Catholic school

I didn't think that I would have to help her research information on the Big Bang theory.


Dr. Clam said...

For the love of God, why not? Catholics tend to be dead keen on the Big Bang theory because it is perfectly in accordance with Catholic thought, unlike the pagan idea of the Universe existing forever. I thought your wife was one of those wacky Evangelical types- why a Catholic school?

Marco said...

I always thought that since Big Bang theorists do not talk about a creator, that it essentially denied the existence or need for God. It seems that her science teacher this year is mad keen on astronomy. I doubt that he/she is particularly religious at any rate. As far as the choice of school goes - I judged on the school's reputation, and my better half was more interested in overall moral standards and effective anti-bullying (and behaviour) policies. For some reason we jumped to the same conclusion even though the school is way over in Kirwan and we're here in Eastern side of Annandale.