Thursday, May 17, 2007

Got Blogger's Block

Several times I have intended to post but got stuck after reading a bit and thought the better of it. I was going to come up with a brilliant personal example of how in the modern world, one can have a detailed discussion daily with friends that left town decades ago, yet never chat to old friends that live in your suburb still, that in fact you are still friends with. One in particular I see every week because our children go to the same kindy, and had been in the same group as my wife back in Senior camp. Yet I can't demonstrate the irony I feel without divulging more about the people involved than is appropriate in this blog.


Dr. Clam said...

It's sad to hear that you have blogger's block. :(

I can think of one of our friends who we went as far as creating a blog for last year who definitely needs his arm twisted to communicate more. I expect he is still alive?

You can gauge how religiously I check your blog when you are not posting by the timestamp on this comment... ;)

Marco said...

You do remember senior camp right? (It was only 20 years ago after all). Groose wasn't there, but he's still alive. He's planning to go to the States in September with YWAM in a missionary capacity. I think he is craaazzzy. And not in the "climb down a cliff" kind of crazy - more of a - "What kind of life is that!" kind of crazy. On top of that, my kids love to play with his kids. It is partly our fault that we don't meet up too often anymore (even in a physical sense). Life has become a barrage of interests competing for ones time.

Chris Fellows said...

BTW, if you see the Groose, maybe you could goad him toward my blog... would dearly love to drag him into this argument. :)

Marco said...

I'll try to email him :)