Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have had a lot to say about the middle-east with specific reference to Iran in Kraus Rohde's Blog. I may seem to be completely in the camp which believes they truly are "Axis of Evil". In some sense again I agree with Dawk-ins in that it is religion is the problem there. But as Dawkins may believe that it is the essence of the belief in God that is the root problem, I differ in that the problem to me is that the leaders of the church there are the leaders of the country. This elevates the leadership to a "God" status in themselves, at least to their subjects, and to me demonstrates the virtues of separating state powers from religious powers.

But there is one thing that apparently they are leaders in. Some time ago, they decided that citizens could buy and sell kidneys. This has resulted in almost completely eliminating waiting lists and reducing renal-related deaths. This is certainly preferable to the situation highlighted by a Dutch reality show about the agony of waiting for donors.


Dr. Clam said...

Hmm, I guess this is only the first step. We need a free market in kidneys! 'Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses... or at least their kidneys.'

Dr. Clam said...

Oh, and theocracy rocks. So there. The only problem with Iran is that they are so pathetically 'progressive' on abortion. What we need is an aggressive Maliki caliphat.

Marco said...

So the likely sponsoring of suicide terrorists doesn't worry you?

I also think it is time to consider a free market in kidneys as realistic policy world wide. What about children? I've been itching to sell some of mine on ebay for a while now :) Celebrities seem to be able to "adopt" at will. It appears to me to be buying unwanted thirld world babies, but maybe I am just a teensy bit cynical.

Dr. Clam said...

Re sponsoring of suicide terrorists: I guess it does bother me. I've just momentarily taken leave of my senses after I tried thinking of trying to read a Noam Chomsky book.

klaus rohde said...

Nuclear watchdog's attack warning (extract)
By Rob Broomby
BBC News 4.6.07

Dr ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has given one of his sternest warnings against using military action to halt Iran's uranium enrichment programme.

After Iraq, Dr ElBaradei said he did not want to see "another war".

You do not want to give additional argument to new crazies who say 'let's go and bomb Iran'

Dr ElBaradei said a nuclear-armed Iran would be terrible but the jury was still out as to whether the country even wanted nuclear weapons.

But he said you could not "bomb knowledge", and he was scathing towards those who still favoured air strikes after the experience of intervention in Iraq.

"I wake every morning and see 100 Iraqis innocent civilians are dying," he said. "I have no brief other than to make sure we don't go into another war or that we go crazy into killing each other. You do not want to give additional argument to new crazies who say 'let's go and bomb Iran.'"

Asked who the "new crazies" were he replied: "Those who have extreme views and say the only solution is to impose your will by force."