Sunday, June 03, 2007

Threat plus opportunity = zero net cost (approx)

Tourism in Greenland is evidence that Global Warming brings opportunity in equal measure to threat.

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Chris Fellows said...

I have argued this before many a time- the observed pattern of much greater warming in relatively rich, cold latitudes, and the shifting of desert belts *away* from the equator should give a net cost <<$0.00, by my hand-waving estimates.

The only big negatives I worry about are:
(1) Spreading of cyclonic storms on a regular basis to areas that don't now experience them, such as the NE and SW Atlantic coasts, which will cost a bucket of money in updating building codes.
(2) People stupidly and irrationally throwing good money after bad by rebuilding things built in dumb places after they are knocked down, such as, f'rinstance, New Orleans.