Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blog Etiquette

I don't really know if it really exists; bloggers just write what they feel like writing. However when it comes to naming names, it freaks some out, and I get the feeling that trust becomes lost in a mesmerising field of aliases. Of course if one states a real name of someone else, that becomes googlable - with unknown future consequences.

As an example, mentioning my children by their names is a double edged sword. My daughter's teenage friends found her mentioned here to her great embarrassment. Luckily, I can usually edit any misleadingly embarrassing or revealing information.

Sometimes when I quote someone here from somewhere else in the WWW, this is where it gets found more often in different contexts. This seems to be positive, especially if they were quoted in an optimistic light. People often get googled after a job interview, partly as a character reference. Be aware of this if you are the kind to get people angry habitually. Revenge is spreading info about various dishonours or disrespects. Flattery is ever greater when mentioned in published print.


Glinxer Zrbquavt said...

Naming names? Is this following on from a thread somewhere else that I have missed?

Anastasia Romanov said...

I don't get it- what are these weird future consequences you're worried about?

Jimmy Hoffa said...

I don't get it either. What's the point you're trying to make here?

Entrails X said...

As long as you do not mention your children by their handles on Kongregate, you should be fine. You've never heard any of the songs from the last two Spit albums, because a certain person who will remain unnamed *koff*Androo*koff* hasn't released them yet, but one of them has a song which caused me a lot of pain, a kind of sequel to our first Richard Carleton Song, all about how the world is a wonderful place and only Richard Carleton disfigures it and prevents it from being paradise. So I guess everything is alright now. Woot!

Anyway, it had swearing in it, so Rabid Vicious Bastard suggested we record a kid-friendly version especially for your kids. I tweaked the premise a little to be that everything in the world sucked, and there was only one person who was okay. We never actually recorded it, but it would have gone something like this:

We're on the brink of an evil age
With dark satanic weather
We've blundered into nature's rage
We're going to pay forever

We're drenched in blood from pole to pole
With torture and barbarity
Our last apocalyptic goal
Speeds towards with celerity

But on our dark and twisted sphere
There is one tiny spark of light
From all our billions far and near
There's just one man who's quite all right-

Marco Parigi
Marco Parigi
Marco Parigi

He's our guy...

(BTW, has your wife found your blog yet? That's the more-importanter question.)

Marco said...

I particularly liked the original "Richard Carlton" song. My kids took it way too seriously - "How can someone inspire such vile hatred?!" It never made it to their favourites. Neither did Jihad Mas "That's a bad song - it says that we steal and we lie"

My wife does occasionally come across this blog, but it normally bores her to tears.

Chris Fellows said...

So, would you like me to put an online character reference for Belinda on my blog? I know when she was four she seemed to be hardworking, reliable, and good at problem-solving and working in a team- I assume these traits have persisted?

Marco said...

Yes, OK.