Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Top end of the "Marriage Gap"

Reading this Economist Article:marriage in America, I feel vindicated, because almost all of the pressure and "education" that I received from others was directed to me about the risks. That divorce is bad, and that the divorce rate is high is self-evident. Clearly, the trick is not to avoid marriage, but to get it right when you do marry or otherwise commit to a life partner. I think the most important thing to instil in ones peers and children is to look at precedent. Ie. does the person come from a broken home? What history do they have with committment? etc. I have been trying (with variable success) with my daughter that these are important questions right from the first time you decide to date someone. Unfortunately, she is getting mixed messages from tv shows and peers.


Dr. Clam said...

Keep her from participating in reality TV shows if you can. And teach her how to split firewood. Decent men are automatically attracted to women who can split firewood, while cads and bounders are repelled. It's a scientifically proven fact!

Dr. Clam said...

Er, for 'scientifically proven fact', it would be perhaps a teensy bit more accurate to read 'thing I just made up.'

Marco said...

Hopefully, reality TV shows will be too inconvenient for her to go to the auditions. And when you write "split firewood", I read play real time strategy computer games like Age of Empires!