Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Delusion VIII - Darwinism

As much as I see there is an inherent beauty and simplicity in the truth of evolution, I can't help but feel that ideology has taken over from the skeptical pursuit of science for a great many scientists. David Attenborough's "Life on Earth" series was an almost magical summary of the known progression of species, and I cannot remember a nature show that I have enjoyed more since. However, I have noted in the past about the popular parody being a ladder(evolution is a bush), and the particular emphasis on the primate to human step. I have to add that I believe there are a few surprises in store within our lifetime. "Lamarckism" will have a comeback now that a plausible process for its existence has been established. Also, I am quite certain that "panspermia" will become a mainstream field of research. It is unlikely, but a scientifically consistent possibility that many of the "parts" (genes that may have relevance to higher species) of the mystical "747" (sentient species like humans) are floating around in intergalactic space trapped as rogue DNA in frozen bacteria and virus fragments. These might be as hard to verify as floating teacups, however.


winstoninabox said...

In what sense do you think Lamarkism will make a come back? With single-celled organisms it is considered a controversial theory. It is not considered to be applicable to higher life forms and I'm unaware of any claims that it has any bearing on evolution.

Marco said...

My post, Lamarckism returns explains a little more of my prediction and its basis in RNA. All great theories are controversial. This doesn't make them false. Remember, you heard it here first :)