Monday, August 13, 2007

Drrrrriillll, Crrreeeaak... Ok Mind is open now

I am going to backtrack and change my mind and actually try to read "The God Delusion". As is my want, I will abstract what the absolute essence of what his argument is and get agreement on that before I actually criticize or praise any particular conclusion or logic. I will just start with the title. The title itself is an indication that the book is aiming to demonstrate that those that believe in God are almost certainly deluded, and that this is a bad thing. I presume that he will define what he means by God, and from this definition and using scientific analysis and reasoning demonstrate the badness of believing. I would hope that somewhere along the line, he would define what he means by bad and demonstrate a causal link between the perceived problems and the belief in God. Is this what he is trying to demonstrate?


Dr. Clam said...

Bravo! I will be interested to see what you uncover in addition to what winstoninabox and I and various people wehave linked to have dredged up already. If you get a library copy that has already been dented from being hurled across the room, nobody will notice a few more dings. ;)

Marco said...

My father has a copy. Not quite pristine, but he is very fond of it.