Wednesday, December 17, 2008

12 week slide

in Townsville petrol prices

Long slide in oil prices.


Dr. Clam said...

Nice graphs. I see, as usual, my prediction was timid and wussy, unbefitting a pirate king. :( Any chance of a link to the data behind the crude oil price graph?

Marco said...

A bit newsish, but the link where I got it from is The Australian Commodities Page

Dr. Clam said...

Dr Clam (upon purchasing his first tank of 100% non-renewable fuel for some time): E10's off, is it?*

Petrol-Wallah: It's getting pretty had to get.

Dr Clam: I guess people have gone back to drinking the stuff.

Petrol-Wallah: Or eating it. Heh.

*: Yes, I know it isn't really cheaper, when you factor in fuel efficiency. And that it isn't really better for the environment. But I have a barrow to push about human beings being *non-rational* economic agents, so have to practice what I preach. :P

Chris Fellows said...

Difference between price of unleaded and diesel at closest BP station:


Marco said...

It appears that the refinery bottleneck of unleaded has become more of an issue than that of diesel. This might be a medium term trend (1-2 years)