Friday, December 05, 2008

Predictions made on 17th October

Dr. Clam said...
To change the subject, I think we will see your 40$US barrels of oil next year. Shall we take bets on the minimum price and the day it is quoted?

17/10/08 10:35

Marco said...
OK :) October 29th 2010 - $25 US per barrell.

17/10/08 16:23

Dr. Clam said...
Gaack! You are gamer than me. $37.90 US, August 17th 2009. (West Texas Crude)

17/10/08 20:49

I think the $40 mark will be crashed through like paper.


Dr. Clam said...

Please, do a graph! :)

Marco said...

Having trouble finding good graphs of the last few months, but gold up, oil down sums it up nicely.