Friday, January 08, 2010

Out-back-yard Water Fight

SA: Hey; Nice flood, Newy*. Can we have some of that?

NSW: Get your beady eyes off it Southa**. That's OUR flood. Get your own flood! We saw it first; We had to suffer the damage and inconvenience. Now we get to store it up for our next drought.

SA: OK here you go. Ten million bucks. Will that cover it?

NSW: HAHAHAHAHAHA... Do you think this is about money?

Penny Wong: Do I get a say in this?

SA & NSW in unison: SHUT UP.

* Newy = NSW

** Southa = SA


Chris Fellows said...

Hrm, hmm ... I don't remember it going like that at all... as I recall, our Premier said she was looking forward to considering implementation of a consultative scoping exercise to make recommmendations on putting together a working party to propose a framework for implementing harmonious and productive discussions with her South Australian counterpart on the release of water from the Menindee Lakes, just as soon as it could be determined how much of the floodwaters had reached them.

Marco said...

It really ought to be about the money and who wants it more. The Federal Government should just set up an auction for a certain portion of the floods to be "passed down the line" meaning the parched Lower Darling for the moment preferably *before* we even know exactly how much water we are talking about. It is clearly a reasonable preposition that regardless of whether there is a followup flood, the better alternative is to "spread the flood across potential needy recipients" rather than "hold on to it and see how much we've got first".

I do think that South Australia should mock the NSW premier by actually putting a monetary figure on it and challenging the powers that be to pre-emptively release water that could be shepherded down the line at a cost per Gigalitre basis