Saturday, September 06, 2014

Evidence that Comet C-P is stretch and pull apart contact binary

From a comment on the Rosetta Blog.

A.Cooper says:

It seems the head of the 'duck' fits onto the body so I checked all the photos released, taken from many different angles, and have found the following:

I've matched contours along the rim of the head to the same contours around the main body perimeter. I've found humps and depressions on the underside of the head (the cliff) that fit closely with their mirror counterparts on the body. 

I'm therefore near certain 67P/C-G was once a single rock and that the head was stretched away from the body. That would mean 67P/C-G is not a contact binary or a scooped-out rock. </i>

I haven't quite made 3d model and verified this, but it is like the similar - look! Africa and South America match up like a jigsaw - They must have been connected once. Kind of evidence.

I have no doubt that the scientists will verify this. It is just like an Amoeba undergoing fission.

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