Tuesday, September 09, 2014

M-Life Theory

LAWKI life - Life as we know it, that is biological carbon based life form as recognised as such on Earth by humans.

M-Life - Life as defined by Marco of which LAWKI life is a subset.

M-Life is simply an entity which demonstrates M-Metabolism and M-reproduction. ie. biological metabolism and biological reproduction is a subset of those.

M-reproduction is simply that there is more than one of the entity in question. The entities could have all been produced at once accidentally and never again or generated by something biological and not be biological itself or whatever - very open definition. Virtually anything that can be recognised as a thing undergoes M-reproduction.

M-Metabolism is a little bit counter-intuitive in some respects, but a subset is definitively metabolism as understood in biology and also chemistry.
M-Metabolism is said to occur if there is an entity which has a definable "inside" and "outside" and energy transformations are seen to make the outside "more random". The boundary between the inside and the outside is, in general, but not necessarily, a natural physical boundary. A physical boundary is the more obvious, but at any rate, there must be more similar entities to satisfy the M-reproduction requirement for M-Life.

The increase in entropy on the outside is generally heat or waste energy that is not reversible in the sense that it will not reverse to be back inside in the same way it exited as a reversible transaction of any sort.

Thus things like suns, stars, even planets, comets, or star clusters, galaxies, or galactic clusters exhibit M-Life - there is more than one of them and they exhibit M-Metabolism.

Note that I have not made specifications on entropy "inside". My main thesis on M-life is that energy or information moved within the entity will have a tendency to be deterministic. Anything non-deterministic will tend to leave the entity. Thus an increase in entropy outside will not be evident inside, and energy transformations will string into a long if then sequence of transactions.
Thus rather than "abiogenesis" just happening through a fortuitous set of circumstances. LAWKI life has been designed, in an evolutionary way, by a form of M-Life.


Dr Clam said...

Note that I have not made specifications on entropy "inside".

This broadens your definitions to include any warm thing, so it might be broadening it beyond the bounds of usefulness. Have you ever read any of Fred Hoyle's fiction, btw?

Marco Parigi said...

Yes. Galaxies, stars, planets, comets I had in mind in particular, excepting those like asteroids that are "cold". It's really a push to expect that humans would entertain the notion of the sun being m-life. Basically Quadrillions of "computations" per second, a lifetime of billions of years, and no way to really control it's motion, excepting magnetic fields and herding dust clouds into planetary systems and such. That is the essential gist of it. I do think that all warm things are associated with life-like behaviour. We have to trace back what caused it to reproduce, and what is it that makes it "warm" through its lifetime.

Marco Parigi said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "usefulness". It points to a scientific alternative to abiogenesis, in general principles. It connects the difficulties of the origins of the universe to the origin of M-life, which is the precursor to LAWKI. It gives an alternative to steady state theories of the universe but still allow for the spread of LAWKI all over the solar system, galaxy and more. The m-life ancestor/designer of the earliest common ancestor (LAWKI) can be surmised by what warm things were around living more closely analogous lives to LAWKI than the galaxy, sun or planets, at a time we can calculate that ancestor to have been around from genetic techniques.